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We are a retail and distribution company of Italian gourmet food founded in 2011 by Italian and Korean Nationals and based in Ilsan, Goyang. 

Since the beginning we have focused our work on selecting Italian authentic products, according to the needs of the market. From our first product Vancheri Sicilian coffee, we then started importing oil, pasta, balsamic until our most recent product fresh truffles.

From the early years we then extended nationwide reaching Busan, Incheon and Jeju island, among other Korean cities. We build partnerships with chefs, restaurant owners, and food experts in Korea who are passionate about Italian food. We started several collaborations with big retailers offline and online like Coupang, Gmarket and Allets.

In 2013 we founded Duciduci, our first Italian gourmet online food shop aiming at introducing and sharing Italian culture through food and passion.

During the pandemic we also specialized in offline sales, opening our first Duciduci shop in Ilsan, and introducing new fresh products such as cheese and charcuterie.  

In 2021 we opened Morello Shop, our online food gourmet shop that was carefully designed to facilitate the food shopping experience of foreigners living in Korea.

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Top Italian brands, 100% Italian ingredients.
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Importing and distributing following each steps of this process with consumer care mindset.

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We promote our brands to Korean consumers using most popular apps and technology.

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