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Our selection of Italian Pasta is 100% made in Italy: both the grain and the production are Italian.

Exploring our pasta brands you will find each brand to have its key strength in our selection: texture, production methods, ancient grains, organic and health perspective.

We hope you enjoy our growing offer of Italian Pastas.

Gentile Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P.

Gragnano is the heart of Italian artisan pasta and Gentile is the best example of a local Italian tradition that is known around the world.

A unique production method called “Cirillo”, which mostly differs for drying the pasta with the air and not the heat like most producers.

Gentile pastas are used in most fine Italian restaurant around the world.

Casino di Caprafico

Specialty pastas produced by Giacomo Santoleri the owner of Casino di Caprafico. Makaira white is an enriched pasta with wholegrain barley (Orzo Mondo). The Farro line is 100% farro whole grain and the dark orange Makaira is a mix of Farro and Barley.

These pasta are highly recommended for who have diabetes issues or just want to prevent developing related problems.

These are ancient grains, what we like to call natural grains.

Forno Santa Rita

Maurizio Spinello, the owner of Forno Santa Rita, produces pastas and other similar items using exclusively Sicilian flou and ancient grains.

The proximity of the wheat to the production facility is a very important aspect that insures a healthier pasta.

The Forno Santa Rita pastas are so good that customers sometimes confuse these are fresh pastas.

Luciana Mosconi

In the region of Marche, preparing tagliatelle is a ritual. As a child, Luciana Mosconi learned to pull the dough from her mother. As she grew, so did her mastery, and she created delicious, varied, tasty recipes. Towards the end of the 1980s, Luciana opened a homemade pasta shop in Matelica, in the heart of Le Marche. That is where the true story of Luciana Mosconi, Lady Tagliatelle, began.