Villa San Donnino

Balsamic of Modena

This traditional balsamic vinegar is obtained from cooked grape must ripened through natural slow acidification and progressive concentration in a series of wooden casks over a long period.

With a dark brown and bright color and a smooth density, this balsamic is very natural, since no artificial flavors or vinegar are added.

It is used as a condiment to add more flavor to a wide range of dishes, from the most refined and elaborate to the simplest. It perfectly accompanies meat and boiled vegetables, egg-based recipes and can be curiously enjoyed with desserts such as ice cream and tropical fruit.

Villa San Donnino has also been granted the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Villa San Donnino Items

  • Nerone 6 years aged 200ml
  • Bianco white balsamic 200ml
  • Affinato DOP 12 years aged 100ml
  • Extravecchio DOP 25 years aged 100ml
  • Balsamic jelly 120g

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