Taleggio Ciresa 200g




Taleggio DOP cheese

A soft cheese of ancient origins, whose name comes from the valley near Bergamo where it was born. It is produced in a square shape measuring about 2,2 kg in weight. It has a peculiar colour due to the weekly brushings


Taleggio PDO is a semi-soft Italian cheese produced with whole cow’s milk. Its origins date back to the 10th century or even before. Farmers created this cheese since they wanted to use the exceeding milk and make a good they could eat in the future. Taleggio is clearly recognisable thanks to the CTT mark on the rind and it has been granted the Protected Designation of Origin. Ciresa Taleggio PDO is the most important cheese of our range of products. Ciresa carefully looks after every single step of its production paying great attention to comply with strict quality procedures, as well as following the old artisanal tradition. Ciresa Taleggio PDO is a squared cheese, produced with whole cow’s milk. It is made of a whitish, straw-coloured paste, which is more crumbly in the middle. Taleggio DOP has a thin pinkish rind, with a slight presence of grey mould, which is the symbol of an accurate ripening. It is exactly the peculiar environmental conditions in which our Taleggio PDO is cured that gives it its unique, strong aroma. Indeed, Ciresa extends the curing of its Taleggio PDO to more than the period stated of 35 days. In this way, the cheese obtains its slightly aromatic, mild flavour, which becomes more intense upon ripening. It exudes a gentle fragrance of fermenting fruit, hay and mountain flowers.








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