La Valle Tortiglioni 500g

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Located in the region of Veneto, Tenuta La Valle produces authentic and genuine craft made pasta according to traditional techniques that preserve the natural proprieties of the grain.  

This pasta consists of a mixture of 100% GMO free fine durum wheat semolina. After being extruded through bronze dies, the pasta is slowly dried at a temperature of max 50° degrees. The special climate characteristics and cultivation techniques, together with farming knowledge and advance technical means make Tenuta la Valle pasta a very unique product rich in starches and proteins. 

Tenuta La Valle tortiglioni are among the oldest pasta shapes. Their name derives from the particular spiral shape with a striated effect. 

With a cooking time of 4 to 10 minutes, tortiglioni pasta is ideal with dense and full-bodies sauces but also goes particularly well with more refined accompanying sauces.

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