Italian Fresh Mozzarella 125g


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We have selected the best Italian fresh mozzarella for our customers.


Mozzarella is a traditional fresh cheese originating in Southern Italy. It is made from curdling milk by the pasta filata method, which consists in heating and stretching curd directly before obtaining the final cheese.


With a tender texture and a bright color, mozzarella will add freshness to your dishes. It goes perfectly on the top of pizzas and pastas or it can be simply added to your salads, such as with slices of tomato seasoned with salt, extra virgin olive oil and basil, known as โ€œCapreseโ€.


To make the stock management more fresh we propose all brand under one name Italian fresh mozzarella.

The brands you will receive are: Zanetti, Santa Regina, Ciresa or Trevisanalat.

These are almost identical products. If you have any preference please specify on your purchase order.

Thank you!


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