Gentile Whole Tomatoes 550g


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Whole tomatoes is a special San Marzano tomatoes that grows near the Mount Vesuvius.

Famous for their high-quality and for their intense flavor, Gentile company’s San Marzano tomatoes are grown naturally in the sun, preserving the distinctive aromas of the Southern Mediterranean land. These premium tomatoes are picked one by one by hand and conserved in glass jars without any additives, maintaining the authentic taste of raw tomatoes.


With a bright red color and an elongated shape, San Marzano peels easily and is characterized by an almost seedless, juicy flesh and thick skin. It is very low in acidity and it is distinguished by a delicate and harmonious bittersweet taste. San Marzano’s unique flavor keeps for a long time, even during preservation.


Its characteristics render San Marzano ideal for making sauces and preserves. It goes indeed very well with pasta, because it “literally sticks to the pasta”. Thanks to its sweetness and intense flavor, this tomato is commonly used for a great variety of dishes and creates a perfect balance with rich meats and cheeses. In addition, San Marzano sauce has been designated as the only variety that can be used for making the authentic Neapolitan pizza.

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