Gentile Purple Artichokes 280g


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The Gentile Preserves retain the intense aroma of the Mediterranean land and the authentic flavor of carefully selected garden products, free of artificial preservatives.


The purple artichoke, named after Schito the land where it is produced, is one of the richest varieties of artichokes.


This natural source of antioxidants and magnesium is known for its health benefits since the ancient Roman time.


One of its peculiarities is the ancient cultivation technique that local artisans still adopt nowadays. This is based on the use of small terracotta bowls which protect the vegetable from direct sunlight, preserving the tenderness of its leaves and their delicate color shaded with purple.


Carefully prepared by Gentile in Gragnano with rich extra virgin olive oil, the purple artichoke is a versatile ingredient in cooking. Devoid of thorns, it can be simply used as an appetizer and wonderfully accompanies main and second courses, such as pasta and meat-based dishes.


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