Gentile Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes 550g


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Piennolo DOP del Vesuvio is a special cherry tomatoes that grows near the Mount Vesuvius.


Famous for their high-quality and for their intense flavor, Gentile company’s Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomatoes are grown naturally in the sun, preserving the distinctive aromas of the Southern Mediterranean land. These premium tomatoes are picked one by one by hand and conserved in glass jars without any additives, maintaining the authentic taste of raw tomatoes.


Grown in the province of Naples, these fragrant tomatoes are traditionally hung up in bunches, bound together with hemp strings, from which they take the name “piennolo” that means “hanging” in the Neapolitan dialect.


Rich in minerals and with an intense and concentrated flavor, Piennolo tomatoes are very versatile in the kitchen.


They can be enjoyed as a pizza topping or added to pasta sauces to enhance the flavor and aroma. Try Piennolo tomatoes on the top of bread to make the typical Italian bruschetta, perfect for giving a fresh and authentic taste.

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