Extra virgin Olive Oil Casino di Caprafico 750ml



Located on the fertile land of the Italian region Abruzzo, Casino di Caprafico produces premium quality cereals, legumes and olives, following the traditional farming methods of the Mediterranean cuisine.


This extra virgin olive oil is a blend of three local olive varieties: Leccino, Gentile di Chieti and Intosso.


The oil is extracted by using a traditional method that compresses the olives with a millstone at low temperature and it is not subjected to a separate filtering process. This traditional technique confers quality and prestige to the oil, which can be included among the best national productions. With a fruit aroma and a finishing taste of bitterness and spiciness, this oil is low in acidity, which makes it very soft and fine.


In addition, the company produces only about 2000 liters of oil per year, making it very rare and refined.


This oil is also coming with an individual box and a drop saver cork, preventing oil flow.


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