Italian Pastry

Artisan production and Italian tradition for a unique experience.

Augusta Panettone

A specialty Christmas cake from Milano.

Discover our range of products: the delicious Premium Cardbox and Hat Box Panettoni, packaged in an elegant cardboard box, rounded or quadrangular, the Handwrapped Panettone, wrapped by hand as tradition dictates, and our Tins, fragrant Panettoni wrapped in a refined metal container, perfect to be given away on special occasions.

Biscotti Gentile

Light and friable with a fragrant vanilla scent, Gentile Biscotto della Salute is a leavened brioche perfect for adding sweetness and lightness to your breakfast.

Consisting of the best selection of Italian ingredients, this crumbly brioche is baked twice, giving it the typical golden color and friable texture. What makes Biscotto’s texture even more pleasant is its relevant thickness.