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Augusta Panettone

This Christmas 2022 celebrate with Augusta Panettone! Finally the products have arrived in Busan and we are waiting to receive them in our warehouse. You can book your panettone or directly ordering on duciduci.co.kr

Price List

Our customers can easily find the updated price list on our site. Only you need to request the password to access it.

Ciao 2021 !

With 2021 just being started, we want to send you our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year! Despite the pandemic is not ended yet, we have exciting plans for this year and hopefully we will introduce new Italian brands and products into the Korean market soon. We will come back to you…

Real Made in Italy

From the field to the final products, our selection is 100% Italian.


Traceability and higher quality standards.


Ancient grains and the wisdom of the Italian cuisine.