Brand Selection

Our criteria of selection are: Authenticity, Taste and Integrity.
Our producers are artisans and the companies are family owned.

Arke – Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

In a land blessed by the sun and weather, a modern company owned by passionate family members who have devoted their lives to the art of oil making, Arke is an extraordinary example of Sicilian high end Extra Virgin Olive oils.

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Gentile – Pasta di Gragnano IGP

A unique production from Gragnano that has conquested the world for its taste and unique texture thanks to the traditional methods and high quality standards.

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Casino di Caprafico – Abruzzo

The company grows ancient grains, legumes and produces oil. It is popular for the healthy concept of mixing grains pasta, especially farro and barley.

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Forno Santa Rita – Sicilian Organic Pasta

In the center of Sicily the Borgo Santa Rita was a “ghost town” with almost no citizen left, until Maurizio Spinello had the idea of producing bread and pasta with the ancient Sicilian and organic wheat. A success that has brought new life in the ancient town.

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Villa San Donnino – Modena Traditional Balsamic

Modena is the heart of balsamico but Villa San Donnino is the core of tradition. First rate in trip advisor as touristic spot thanks to Davide Lonardi passion, the Villa produces the most authentic balsamico you can find, without vinegar or other products.

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La Rinascita – Organic Wild Tomato

La Rinascita means “Renaissance” that is what it means to bring it back a rich variety as Siccagno in the market. Also called “Red Gold” this rich variety grows without any irrigation. It is the most natural tomato you can find. It is certified organic.

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Vancheri Gourmet Coffee

Sicilian coffee culture, given the Arab sweet pastry tradition influence, it is of a round, balanced and harmonious coffee. That is exactly the personality of Vancheri Coffee, a gourmet blend selected and produced in Sicily.

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Augusta 1945 Panettone

Augusta Panettoni was started in 1945 in Milan by a master pastry chef, custodian of the traditional “Panettone Milano” recipe. Today, as then, the master bakers at Augusta are the custodians of the secret of the special leavening agent, which it mix with the best butter in Europe, exquisite candied fruits and the best quality raisins, together with other first choice ingredients, in order to gives life to this delicious 500g Classic Panettone. The dough is left to rise naturally, then cooked slowly and carefully and allowed to cool for a full twelve hours, giving the cake its unique taste and flavour.

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