The gold tomato of La Rinascita.

Siccagno is a unique variety of tomato that grows in the region of Sicily, in Southern Italy, especially in the communes of Valledolmo, Sclafani Bagni, Alia Vallelunga and Villalba. It is characterized by the special cultivation technique adopted and its high nutritional properties. This tomato is traditionally cultivated between March and June and harvested fromContinue reading “The gold tomato of La Rinascita.”

Schito Purple Artichokes

Schito purple artichoke is widely known since the Ancient Roman time for its great health benefits and its excellent quality. A subtype of the Romanesco variety, it differentiates from other kind of artichokes for its special delicate green color shaded with purple and its high nutritional properties. It originates from a small locality of CastellamareContinue reading “Schito Purple Artichokes”

Coronavirus effects to the food industry

Dear friends, The last few months we have seen the coronavirus outbreak disrupting countries and businesses worldwide. In South Korea the situation seems more in control and we applaud the Korean government and the whole health officials for achieving it and we wish fast and complete recovery to the problem soon. In Italy, the countryContinue reading “Coronavirus effects to the food industry”