Casino di Caprafico

Azienda Agricola di Giacomo Santoleri

Located on the fertile land of the Italian region Abruzzo, Casino di Caprafico produces premium quality cereals, legumes and olives, following the traditional farming methods of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Ma’kaira Linguine consists of 90% semolina durum wheat and 10% naked barley grains, whose husk falls easily without any polishing process, leaving a single grain full of nutrients. This increases the nutritional properties of the pasta, rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.  

For a first taste, it is recommended to use a simple dressing, with merely extra virgin olive oil, pecorino and pepper.

The cooking time is about 6 minutes. It is recommended cooking the pasta in plenty of water and draining it even before the cooking is “al dente”.

Casino di Caprafico Items

  • Makaira Linguine 500g
  • Makaira Chitarra 500g
  • Farro Linguine 500g
  • Farro Pennette 500g
  • Olio di Oliva 750ml
  • Orzo Mondo 250g
  • Orzo Mondo 750g

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