Extra Virgin Sicilian Olive Oils

Located in the heart of Sicily, the Arkè company carefully produces a high quality extra virgin olive oil, representing the tradition, culture and colors of the Sicilian territory.

This organic oil is cultivated in sandy soils and produced from organic farming of Moresca olives groves, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The harvest takes place between October and November, followed by a process called “cold extraction”. Initially olives are picked manually and put in well-ventilated containers in order to avoid them warming up. Combining tradition and technology, Arkè’s mill then operates a gentle cold milling that exalts the smell and the flavor of the oil.

It results in a delicate and healthy oil, highly rich in antioxidants, with a mix of bitter and spicy flavor and a finishing fruit taste.

This oil can deliciously accompany warm meat dishes, with a fresh green apple scent and a savory, spicy blend. It also goes well with various vegetable dishes such as baked pumpkin and eggplant.

In addition, the Arkè company gained prestige at the international level by receiving several awards for its high-quality oil production.


  • Arke Classico
    • 250ml
    • 500ml
    • 5 liter can
  • Arke Organic
    • 250ml
    • 500ml
  • Arke Orange 200ml
  • Arke Lemon 200ml
  • Arke Rosemary 200ml
  • Arke Armonia 200ml

Arke Team

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