Spaghetti with Organic Sauce: a simple and healthy dish for your lunch break

Every day I am in search of the authentic taste of simple things, especially after a long morning at work I was craving a good and simple steaming pasta with a tasty but delicate flavor. Of course, I had no doubts what I should have prepared, Spaghetti with Gentile organic sauce!

I decided to use Ma’Kaira spaghetti chitarra because of its nutritional properties. As I was going back to work after lunch, I did not want to feel heavy after eating but I still wanted to get the right amount of energy to keep being productive throughout the day.

Ma’Kaira spaghetti is a great choice, due to the high percentage of fibers and the presence of barley, it is highly digestible. This pasta consists indeed of 90% semolina durum wheat and 10% naked barley grains, whose husk falls easily without any polishing process, leaving a single grain full of nutrient. This makes Ma’Kaira spaghetti very rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Since I did not have much time to cook during lunch break, I found a good and healthy alternative way, using Gentile Pappa e Pomodoro ready sauce. This organic sauce is very light but full of nutrients as it consists of Italian vegetables from organic farming that are carefully selected and preserved without any additives. This is also a perfect substitute for those who do not eat meat or do not particularly enjoy eating vegetables.

For a final healthy touch, I added a few drizzles of Laudemio extra virgin olive oil, a high-quality oil produced in the Italian Tuscany region that has a very authentic and fruity taste and pairs very well with Gentile veggie sauce.

This dish of great simplicity only takes 12 minutes to prepare, thus perfect to enjoy during lunch break or in the evening after a long and tough day at work. Thanks to this dish you can experience the authentic and genuine flavor of the Italian land while getting the right amount of energy to continue your day without feeling heaviness in your stomach.

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