A Salad with Tiny Peaches

Spring and the nice weather are approaching and people are starting to enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors again.

After a good running workout, what is better than having a light but nutrient salad rich in fibers, polyphenols, with a final touch of a healthy extra virgin olive oil and mineral salt!

We are going to tell you a secret to make your salad even more nourishing and crunchy, that will give you an immediate boost of energy and freshness…the Italian Peschiole!

Peschiole are tiny peaches without pit in bitter-sweet, that are removed from the tree even before the pit is formed, processed according to an artisanal technique and conserved with high-quality wine vinegar.

What makes Peschiole special is that they are unique, as they are exclusively produced in the Campania region, in Southern Italy.

Also their texture and flavor are very special, every time you take a little bite you can experience its distintive taste with a hidden note of peach. For those with a more sophisticated palate it will take just a few seconds to find it!

Another important choice is the mineral salt, especially aftr er a long run and much effort, it is very helpful for recharging and rebalance your body and mind.

With a very unique and defined taste, Peschiole go very well with dishes that are rich in flavor and fat, especially with salmon and other meats-based dishes, as well as for making delicious seafood salads. In addition, these tiny peaches help to cleanse the palate between one course and the other to better enjoy different foods in every nuance.

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