La Valle Spaghetti 2 + 1

Starting from today we have a special offer for you! For every purchase of 2 Spaghetti of our pasta brand La Valle, you will receive one more for free (2+1).

We want you to discover more about this Italian authentic pasta with a convenient price that suits everyone’s needs.  

Spaghetti are made according to traditional techniques that preserve the natural proprieties of the grain and consist of a mixture of 100% GMO free fine durum wheat semolina.

After being processed through bronze dies, this pasta is slowly dried at low temperature. The special climate characteristics and cultivation techniques, together with advanced technical means make La Valle pasta a very unique product rich in starches and proteins. 

With a cooking time of 6 to 10 minutes, Spaghetti go perfectly with tomato-based sauces or garlic condiments, along with oil and chili pepper, the perfect choice for making a delicious pasta at an affordable price!

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