Truffle token is live

In the past months we have learnt how to use blockchain technology to provide a much modern approach to the world of food and especially related to the special world of truffles.

Truffles is the finest food in the world, it is scarce and hard to keep for long time.

By tokenized truffle, we can overcome these limits and have a digital truffle that does not change its quality in few weeks, that is not that scarce and that can be moved at the speed of light across the internet.

We call the digital truffle: Trufflemoney and there is a dedicated site to learn and to use it here

Some technical information

Truffle is a token on Stellar Blockchain because of Stellar property, it is really fast and convenient to use.

To start using Truffle you need just a wallet such as (Lobstr, Solar) and to add Trufflemoney trustline (adding as a custom token). In order to complete these operation you need to have at least 3 Lumens. (Stellar main tokens)

Stellar allows you to trade within your wallet any tokens, which means you can buy Trufflemoney within your wallet from anyone who has it, or from Trufflemoney official account. (after you added the trustline)

This feature of Stellar facilitates the natural token exchanges between people using a decentralized approach. However the user is the only responsible for the trade, the user needs to verify the convenience of the trade and he/she is the only responsible for that operation. Keep in mind the token represents a real commodity that has a price in the world. In fact Trufflemoney value reflects the value of Winter Truffle in the world.

The current value for Winter Truffle all over the world fluctuates around 2~3 $ per gram depending on seasons, scarcity and demand.

Some examples

You could buy in advance Trufflemoney to hold it and use it later.

You could buy Trufflemoney to send as gift to someone, who later could redeem for truffles to eat.

You can buy anything on our site using Trufflemoney as $ dollars. (at the moment we offer 1:1 conversion)

Future developments

As importer and distributors of Italian food, we are looking how to reach a wider audience by using technology.

Trufflemoney is a key tool to reach more truffle lovers around the planet.

In order to do this, our team is working to create a network of truffle producers, truffle importers and dealers so that redeeming your Trufflemoney for truffles will be much easier in the future.

Note Well

Our company has participated in the inception of the idea and the technology related to issuing the tokens, however the Trufflemoney project requires great dedication and that is why it is managed exclusively by site and organization.

Our company is a sponsor and one of the first shop to accept the digital tokens.

For more information contact us

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