The gold tomato of La Rinascita.

Siccagno is a unique variety of tomato that grows in the region of Sicily, in Southern Italy, especially in the communes of Valledolmo, Sclafani Bagni, Alia Vallelunga and Villalba. It is characterized by the special cultivation technique adopted and its high nutritional properties.

This tomato is traditionally cultivated between March and June and harvested from July to August. In the past, Siccagno was used to produce an excellent concentrate. The whole family, including children participated in the harvest and transformation. In order to make the tomato paste, the puree was left to dry under the sun on wooden boards. After being repeatedly turned over, it was rolled up by hand and conserved with oil.

Due to the dry and warm climate of the territory, the Siccagno plant grows in arid soil without irrigation.

Despite this, the plant is able to produce tomatoes with great qualitative characteristics and nutritional values. Siccagno is indeed highly rich in potassium, which renders the tomato very delicate and sweet in taste.

This is possible thanks to the specific features of the territory in which it is cultivated. The soil is highly concentrated in clays and sandy components that allow an excellent soil water self-regulation. In addition, the heat of the sun and the force of the north winds maintain the atmospheric moisture at the right level for tomatoes to grow.

This cultivation technique also minimizes the need for fertilization and the use of pesticides.

Siccagno tomato is small in size and elongated in shape. Thanks to the characteristics of the soil in which the tomatoes grow, it is particularly rich in antioxidants and nutrients, such as vitamins A and C and lycopene, which is very low in calories.

In the kitchen, Siccagno tomato is perfect for fresh consumption. Due to its small size and its firm and meaty texture, it is well suited for preparing tomato sauce and puree. Thanks to its sweet and delicate taste, it is excellent for seasoning pasta, without the addition of salt, conferring the typical Mediterranean flavor to your dishes. This tomato is also great for preparing sun-dried tomatoes to be eaten as an appetizer or added to delicious recipes.

Siccagno tomato sauce is produced by Cooperativa Rinascita in Valledolmo, Palermo, in line with the quality standards of organic products. In 2008, the quality of Rinascita production, expression of the Mediterranean cuisine, was ranked among the top ten Italian tomato sauces by Gambero Rosso.

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