Schito Purple Artichokes

Schito purple artichoke is widely known since the Ancient Roman time for its great health benefits and its excellent quality.

A subtype of the Romanesco variety, it differentiates from other kind of artichokes for its special delicate green color shaded with purple and its high nutritional properties.

It originates from a small locality of Castellamare di Stabia, in the region of Campania, known as the “Schito garden”, which is particular prone to horticulture.

The harvest occurs between February and May, according to the trend of the season.

For this reason, Schito artichoke is often associated with the Easter festivity. It is very likely to be seen filling the tables of several families next to other traditional meals. In addition, they can always be found roasting at roadside stands by local farmers in the villages.

Another of its peculiarities is the ancient cultivation technique adopted, namely the use of small homemade terracotta bowls that cover and protect the artichoke from direct sunlight. This procedure renders the vegetable very tender and light in color. The precocity of its production time is caused by the particular mildness of the climate and by the habit of regenerating the plants every year.

This artichoke is considered among the finest kinds due to its particular characteristics. It is indeed devoid of thorns and rich in iron and potassium, absorbed from the volcanic soil, which makes it very savory in taste. It contains an active substance called cynarine that helps lowering cholesterol, reducing diuresis and bile secretion. Beside protecting your livers, this artichoke is also among the vegetables with the highest fiber content, a cure-all remedy for intestinal regularity.

In the kitchen, Schito artichoke is also known for its great versatility. It can be deliciously used in many recipes, from the starter to the second course. The most popular and traditional way to prepare this artichoke is to roast it on the grill in its entirety. When the artichoke is cooked, usually after around 30 minutes, it is cleaned of the scorched leaves and seasoned with salt, pepper and parsley, fresh garlic and a drizzle of oil. It can perfectly accompany cheese and meat-based dishes and wonderfully add flavor to your salads.

The most refined Schito artichokes are produced by the Gentile Preserves with rich extra virgin olive oil. Gentile artichokes retain the intense aroma of the Mediterranean land and the authentic flavor of carefully selected garden products, free of artificial preservatives, ready to brighten your tables.

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